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Twin Rivers Developmental Supports, Inc. Financial Services provides a variety of services ranging from HCBS billing assistance, serving as payee to providing accounting services to small businesses.

Payee Services

Twin Rivers Developmental Supports, Inc. is an Organizational Representative Payee certified through the Social Security Administration. As a payee, Twin Rivers Developmental Supports, Inc. will deposit checks and pay bills as necessary. Twin Rivers keeps written records, determines consumer's needs, reports changes that could affect eligibility to Social Security and provides an annual accounting of the use of funds.

HCBS Services

Twin Rivers Financial Services also includes HCBS billing services for community providers. Contact the bookkeeper/billing clerk to arrange for this service. Billing is done every Thursday and timesheets must be in by the end of the day Wednesday. You may bill once a month, twice a month or every week. Each time you bill, Twin Rivers Developmental Supports, Inc. charges a $10 service fee. You are responsible for paying your own taxes. And for your convenience the state sends the checks directly to you.

Chief Financial Officer:  Brady Dutton         

Bookkeeper/Billing Clerk:   Tammy Powell          Bookkeeper/Payee Clerk:   Betty Webber